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Harley Panhead Bobbers

Before Choppers, there was Bobbers...

This Harley Davidson motorcycle website is all about Harley Panhead Bobbers and Choppers. Generally speaking, a Bobber can de defined as a motorbike of which those components which do not contribute to speed and accelleration have been removed. A matter of weight shedding within the limits of the law...

In short: Remove ballast like fenders, side bags, buddy seat, turn signals, etc., and you've got yourself a Bobber. Chop the frame to increase the rake of the steering head and you end up with a Chopper.

Harley Panhead Engine

Click this photo to check out this 1948 Harley Model F Panhead Bobber by Trent of Atomic Custom. In 1948 the 61 and 74 cubic inch "Knucklehead" overhead valve engines received aluminum heads and hydraulic valve lifters, along with one piece chrome plated rocker covers which look like shallow pans.

Thus the Harley Davidson Panhead Engine was born.

The Panhead Engine lasted from 1948 until 1966, when the Motor Company replaced it by the Shovelhead Engine.

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